26th September 2017

There are often many things we do, both personally and within a business, that can be more accurately described as habitual. Often when questioned we can’t remember the reasons or thought process we went through before arriving at our “conclusion” that was the best way forward.

Depending on our “habit” there would have been many factors that will have come into play; saving time, saving money, making life easier, someone recommended it, it was the only solution available - the list goes on.

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19th September 2017

Attractively priced and on the cheaper side to run, compared to some of its rivals. The Seat Ibiza is easy to drive, spacious and comfortable, but the FR model is more appealing to the eye with its defined edges, twin exhaust and diamond cut alloy wheels. We put the Ibiza 1.0l TSI FR to the test and went on a road trip to Cambridge to get a real feel for the car.

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29th August 2017

Getting a new car is one of those things in life that sounds like it should be good fun but we all know the process can be a bit of a nightmare. This can be especially true if you’re sourcing for your business; this introduces a whole host of other factors you might need to consider and add to the list that’s already as long as your arm. The arrangement of any finance to cover the purchase on top of everything else might just be enough to push you over the edge!

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05th September 2017

After years of majority share the mighty diesel engine is now losing its grip on the market due to the rise in alternative fuelled hybrids, electric cars and the advances being made in petrol engine technology.

A recent comment from the Government suggest that after years of promoting diesel as a “clean” fuel they are now reviewing this with much comment over what action may be taken to make diesels less attractive.

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15th August 2017

The Micra for most is recognised as a car for the older generation and the ease of drive. However now in 2017 Nissan have really raise the bar. So, does the release of the recent 2017 model top them all? We think so!

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01st August 2017

The surge in car sales rapidly increases within the months of March and September due to the release of the new vehicle registration plate. Hundreds and thousands of motorists up and down the country are anticipating the delivery of their pre-ordered car, but the question is – why should you buy a brand new car? 

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TysonCooper Client - Will Plans Ltd

30th March 2017

TysonCooper provided me with friendly and efficent service in outsourcing a lease vehicle, a Skoda Fabia, which arrived at the agreed time. Kevin Drain was responsible and always contacted me. Kirsty Porteous was very friendly - if a little scotty! - Rob Adams

15th May 2015

Fleets be aware, tackle the licence checking issue as a matter of urgency. New rules are effective from 8th June 2015. It is now upon us, the abolition of the paper counterpart of the photo card driving licence on June 8, fleet managers should be aware addressing the move to online checking, industry experts are warning.

The abolition of the licence paper counterpart presents fleet operators with a duty-of-care quandary: how are they going to check whether employees are legally entitled to drive without a visible record of their driving eligibility?

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05th May 2015

The British Government has made the move to make owning a fuel efficient, emission-free hydrogen-powered vehicle more of a reality, with the announcement of a £6.6 million investment in the hydrogen infrastructure.

Highlights of the investment includes upgrades to the 12 current refuelling stations, plus a pledge to build two more stations to cater for the Greater London area and a new mobile refuelling station to cater for the whole of the south of England.

With zero emissions, hydrogen cars attract the lowest level of benefit in kind company car tax.

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