25th October 2018

Winter’s coming, which means wet roads, ice, mud and snow - think you need a four-wheel drive? Maybe it’s time to think again?

This time of year, with the dark nights and prophets of doom predicting the coldest winter for years, a new car might lead to the idea that it must be four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. However, there are alternatives worth considering

Winter Tyres

In wintry conditions a normal tyre will stiffen up and be less flexible, affecting its performance in the cold months of winter. A winter tyre is made to remain flexible with a slightly changed tread pattern to maximise grip.

Several European countries now mandate the figment of winter tyres from December – March as it has a major impact on people’s ability to carry on as normal during wintery conditions.

Winter tyres are not suitable for other times of the year so there is a cost involved. This usually this means having a second a set of tyres, with the additional cost of a tyre-fitter to swap them over twice a year. This cost should be weighed up against the additional cost of purchasing and running a four-wheel drive vehicle all year round and it is considered that a two-wheel drive car with winter tyres performs better in the snow than a standard four-wheel drive car on normal tyres.

Advanced Grip Control (AGC):

Another option is to consider a vehicle with Advanced Grip Control. A device that is low cost, fitted when the car is built and is only used when it is needed. So, no impact on fuel economy or emissions all year round.

The latest range of Peugeot and DS Automobiles SUV’s have an advanced grip control option costing less than £500 as a factory extra and is a much cheaper option than a traditional four-by-four or swapping tyres twice a year.

This feature and expertise have enabled Peugeot to win the gruelling Dakar Rally for the third year and the most surprising element is that these cars are a two-wheel drive. The Dakar Rally’s conditions are extreme compared to the usual commute, school run or taking your equipment to the next job.

The latest Peugeot SUV’s offer five and seven-seat options, a choice of petrol or diesel engines and have been collecting awards like they are Nectar points. It’s easy to see why with a striking new front end, improved interior and latest i-cockpit, dispelling previous perceptions of the Peugeot range.

If you haven’t considered the DS7 or Peugeot 3008/5008 with advanced grip control, you should, as it questions the need for four-wheel drive. Advanced grip control offers enhanced traction without the need for much heavier and often inefficient all-wheel-drive systems. Advanced grip control has five selectable settings to cover conditions such as snow, sand or mud and would keep us out of trouble that we assume only a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive will do!

Company car drivers considering their Benefit in Kind will be amazed at how low the emissions are on these cars, even after the latest WLTP changes.

For some, only a four-wheel drive will do, but there are alternatives and one that has been proven in some of the most hostile environments in the world!

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