21st August 2018

When driving the MINI Cooper S hatchback, it becomes apparent that it is a much more luxurious car than ever before. The upmarket and fashionable MINI is undoubtedly a popular car through-out generations. However, early in 2018, the MINI received its overdue update which benefitted from more technology as standard, even more ways to customise your car and a tweak of styling. After-all rule 9 of owning a MINI is ‘Be unique, no two MINI’s should be alike.’

The updated models are easier to recognise by the new single-ring LED daytime running lights. With each new model comes a slightly more swollen in size design, but its safe to say there is no mistaking the MINI for anything else.

The ride is firm, but far from being uncomfortable. The 17-inch alloy wheels do a fantastic job of filtering out the worst of bumps. The pedals are stiff, the steering is quick and the ‘go-kart’ still sticks well to corners, especially when at speed. The way the car leans in bends gives you a sense of feeling higher up that what you really are, compared to previous models where you were sat so low that you might just scrape your own rear end on speed bumps. Not to mention the engine has been revised to make it much more economical.

Inside the all-new MINI is a raft of technology with a fun side. It is safer and better equipped, a breath of new life all with a touch of sophistication! Replacing the old MINI’s central speedo is an infotainment, encircled by a LED light feature which you can change the colour of, this is called mood lighting. This lightening also changes when you turn the volume up on the radio, change the temperature in the car and when you change between sports mode, individual mode and green mode. Take a look at just some of the optional extras you can upgrade to include:

-      Cruise Control

-      Automatic Headlights

-      Heated Windscreen

-      Heated Seats

-      Climate Control

-      Satellite Navigation

-      Automatic Window Wipers

-      Harman Kardon Speakers

-      Head-Up Display

-      Rear View Reversing Camera & Sensors

After driving a MINI Cooper for the last year, we’ve put together a few of the advantages and disadvantages of owning one. It is by far one of the most fun cars I have driven, especially in sports mode as it really is like a little go-kart with plenty of power. However, in Green mode it has superb running costs, with petrol at £1.28 a litre it only costs £45-£50 to fill up a tank which does you 400-450 miles. It is not as expensive to buy as people imagine and it holds its value as it gets older. MINI provides a superb warranty which covers you for breakdown throughout the duration of the warranty. Lastly compared to most cars in its class it has a much higher quality interior and it looks the part too.

However, there are is always going to be some disadvantages to every car and with the MINI Cooper, we have only found a couple. As expected the car itself is quite small (not as small as previous generations) and has a much smaller boot space meaning you struggle to even fit 4 bags of Tesco’s shopping in. The ride is quite firm and when hitting a bump on a dual carriageway you do go down with quite a thud. Lastly, the window screen. As MINI have a pretty much horizontal window screen, this makes it a graveyard for bugs. I guarantee if there’s a bug it’ll end up smeared across your window, so make sure you are prepared to clean it every weekend.

The all-new MINI Cooper comes up against rivals like the Audi A1, the Vauxhall Adam and the DS Automobiles DS3.

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