21st November 2017

Three years ago, this month I bought my first ever car. I remember to this day, it had to be white and have Bluetooth to blast out those tunes that at the time I thought were ‘cool’ - as any 18-year-old would.

A week later and the time for collecting the 63 plate Ford Fiesta EcoBoost had arrived. I remember being driven up to the dealership in Norwich and being completely terrified of the drive home I was about to take alone, my first time driving without anyone else. My first ever car, the greatest responsibility I had ever had!

After a handover which seemed to take forever, when really it was my adolescent energy of needing to get out and about. I at long last took the keys of my sparkly new car. Getting in was incredible; the comfort of the sporty seats, that new car smell and the preparation of that first melody you play in your car, that you have invested months choosing. Mine was Nicki Minaj – Starships, classic teenage girl song!

The first drive home was extraordinary, I felt alive, free and it was at that point where I really started to figure out how to drive. First cars are always full of memories, those road trips to see companions at University, packing all your mates in the back, 18th birthday celebrations, commutes to work, outdoors until until 5am and spending all night parked up with your other car pals choosing the ideal name for your car - Festa for that matter.

Festa being a 63-plate car only ever let me down once. Following a late night out with friends the time had come to commute home. Fiestas had a tendency for the fuel sensors to go. This is what happened in my situation. Broken down, with a car unable to start in Great Yarmouth was not what I had planned at 1.30am on a Wednesday morning, yet with assistance from some friends and a lifeline from the recovery truck we got home safe and sound at around 4am. Oh and we wont go into too much detail about when I reversed into my friend’s car – these things happen hey!

In my opinion having tested 2 other cars, a fiesta is a tremendous first car for any recently passed teenager. Insurance is fairly cheap as well as maintenance and tax. But for a first time driver the essential park was that it was a small car and not a ‘speed machine’, it was sensible, practical and safe with a 5-star rating!

I owned my trusted Festa for 16 months before I traded him in for a touch of an upgrade to the BMW 1 Series Coupe M-sport – and the next chapter of my driving life started.

If I was choosing my first car again to the day would I choose a Fiesta? It would certainly be on the short list but things change quickly in car terms and there are now new first car contenders. The new Volkswagen Polo beats the latest Nissan Micra. Both have the sound systems to attract the younger audience and styling to match. The very latest Seat Ibiza also looks great and has so much to offer – as do the Renault Clio and the Peugeot 208.

If you’re looking for a first car for your son or daughter there is more than ever. Whatever their preference, but the best bit is probably the discounts availbale from TysonCooper. Call us today to discuss information and options – 01473 873001.