29th November 2017

Polestar, Volvo Car Group’s performance brand, has today revealed its future as a new standalone electric performance brand. Polestar confirmed plans for its first three models, a new purpose-built production facility in China and a customer-focussed route to market that will set a new industry benchmark for performance vehicles.

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21st November 2017

Three years ago, this month I bought my first ever car. I remember to this day, it had to be white and have Bluetooth to blast out those tunes that at the time I thought were ‘cool’ - as any 18-year-old would. 

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18th November 2017

Depending on our work and lifestyle our cars can often be called upon to undertake a multitude of tasks, if we know of them in advance they form part of our decision-making process. I know of someone who chose their vehicle purely based on negotiating a certain track and field to their favourite spot on their annual fishing trip, six months later and the farm had been sold - this fishing trip was no more!

So, what if our needs are as many as Heinz varieties? How do we narrow down our requirements and on which elements do we compromise?

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14th November 2017

With a 500-mile round trip to visit two of our key Partnerships, the arrival of our week-long Audi Q7 demonstrator was perfectly timed.

Our trip took us from Ipswich to the centre of Liverpool, then back down to Chester for an overnight stop. A short trip to Wrexham then a straight drive back to Ipswich. the route would be mostly motorway but with some A roads thrown in and a tight squeeze in an underground car-park.

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31st October 2017

Last year the Government hinted that to cut air pollution in major cities they were looking to introduce a new scrappage scheme to remove older polluting cars from the roads. The details were naturally missing but the car buying public were naturally interested. After all, we are a nation that loves a bargain!

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17th October 2017

The Volkswagen Golf GTE a plug-in hybrid has a great performance, is cheap to run if driven in the correct manner and reaps the benefits of the government's plug-in car grant. The GTE is designed to offer the benefits of an electric car with a petrol engine included keeping you going once the battery has run flat. We took the Golf 1.4l GTE out for a spin.

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03rd October 2017

The fuel debate seems to be showing no signs of stopping, with some articles declaring the impending end of the internal combustion engine as we know it! Volvo have now declared that only electrified car engines will be produced from 2019. The government have placed a ban on petrol or diesel-powered cars from 2040. But what does this mean for businesses and their company car policies? Or individuals about to replace their current car? We delve deeper into the latest fuel story.

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26th September 2017

There are often many things we do, both personally and within a business, that can be more accurately described as habitual. Often when questioned we can’t remember the reasons or thought process we went through before arriving at our “conclusion” that was the best way forward.

Depending on our “habit” there would have been many factors that will have come into play; saving time, saving money, making life easier, someone recommended it, it was the only solution available - the list goes on. 

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19th September 2017

Attractively priced and on the cheaper side to run, compared to some of its rivals. The Seat Ibiza is easy to drive, spacious and comfortable, but the FR model is more appealing to the eye with its defined edges, twin exhaust and diamond cut alloy wheels. We put the Ibiza 1.0l TSI FR to the test and went on a road trip to Cambridge to get a real feel for the car.

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29th August 2017

Getting a new car is one of those things in life that sounds like it should be good fun but we all know the process can be a bit of a nightmare. This can be especially true if you’re sourcing for your business; this introduces a whole host of other factors you might need to consider and add to the list that’s already as long as your arm. The arrangement of any finance to cover the purchase on top of everything else might just be enough to push you over the edge!

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