01st August 2017

The surge in car sales rapidly increases within the months of March and September due to the release of the new vehicle registration plate. Hundreds and thousands of motorists up and down the country are anticipating the delivery of their pre-ordered car, but the question is – why should you buy a brand new car? 


Technology within cars is ever changing. There have been so many changes over the last 15 years. Many items that were reserved for only the most expensive are now standard on almost every car and more recently the smart key has rapidly transformed the experience of entering and starting a car, making turning a key to fire up a car feel rather dated. Many cars now only need the keys to be in your pocket to enable a push button to start. With parking aids, cameras and smart phone integration, cars have the very latest cutting-edge technology and are far safer than older models. 

Long term savings

Whilst up front you may have to pay a little more for a brand-new car, in the long run however there are so many ongoing costs that you can save on.

  • Insurance - Insurance on newer cars is considerably lower due to the advanced safety features updated and added year on year. Not to mention cars are starting to drive themselves with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, automatic braking and parking.
  • MOT - Brand new cars typically don’t need to be mot’ed for 3 years after bought from the manufacturer.
  • Environmentally friendly - Increasing road laws and technology means that more and more cars are becoming cheaper to run due to manufacturers designing eco-friendly technology that enables cars to gain more mileage from a tank of fuel.
  • Warranty - When buying a brand-new car most come with a minimum of 3 years manufacturer’s warranty, usually including roadside assistance and recovery, meaning there is no requirement to purchase these extra.
  • Great deals and incentives - Manufacturers focus on new car sales and are forever chasing volume, market share and creating great incentives for new car buyers.


You’re in the hot seat! You decide what colour, interior feel, exterior extras and add-ons you would like. Let’s face it we all like to go over the top, but each individual has their own preference; whether it’s a panoramic sunroof, heated seats, sat-nav or parking sensors everyone has their must haves on a car.

What seals the deal?

Buying a new car means you are the first person to own it, knowing that the car has got a pristine engine and no hidden horrors is a great feeling and peace of mind. But for most of one thing we will never tire of when taking the keys to a brand-new car is that unbeatable new car smell!

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