17th July 2018

‘The most significant development since the seat belt’ is how the BBC has reported the fact that not a single person or passenger has been killed* in any of the 70,000+ Volvo XC90s sold in the UK since 2002.

Thatcham Research, the motor insurers' automotive research centre who analysed the Government data claims the XC90 is the safest car it has ever tested. One of the main reasons for the XC90’s performance is Volvo’s leadership in the adoption of camera and radar systems that warn drivers about hazards on the road.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) as it’s called sees lasers, cameras and radar all working together to warn the driver of an imminent collision. Then if action isn’t taken by the driver the system brakes automatically. AEB has been fitted to all new Volvos since 2014.

Euro NCAP claims that accidents where one car runs into another from behind have reduced by 38% where cars are equipped with AEB.

Matthew Avery, the Director of Research at Thatcham Research said: "The extraordinary safety record of the Volvo XC90 in the UK is built on class-leading passive safety.

“In Euro NCAP impact testing, unrivalled protection was given to occupants of the car. Volvo has long been a pioneer in active safety, too, offering standard-fit safety technologies which help drivers to avoid crashes completely. This not only protects occupants, but also those outside the car.

Volvo’s vision remains ‘that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car’.

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Click here to read the BBC’s full report.

*The statistics relate only to personal injury accidents on public roads that are reported to the police, and subsequently recorded, using the STATS19 accident reporting form.