17th October 2017

The Volkswagen Golf GTE a plug-in hybrid, has a great performance, is cheap to run if driven in the correct manner and reaps the benefits of the governments plug-in car grant. The GTE is designed to offer the benefits of an electric car with a petrol engine included to keep you going once the battery has run flat. We took the Golf 1.4l GTE out for a spin.


The new Golf GTE is elegant and sleek from the front, but head towards the back and you see a sportier tail with dynamic character, boasting confidence like all the previous generations.

  • Twin chrome exhaust
  • Full LED headlights
  • Darkened rear LED lights with sweeping indicator function
  • 17” Rio de Janeiro alloy wheels
  • Roof spoiler
  • Stylish front bumper
  • Smart charging point.


The interior of the Golf GTE features high quality equipment, elegancy with a sporty feel. The blue tartan seats were not to appealing to the eye, however if you know the history of Volkswagen you’ll know this is tradition and can be seen in almost every model of the Golf GTD. The LED ambient lighting is blue, which is custom to only the GTE models. With most motors in its class, it’s a genuine battle to crush three developed grown-ups in the back. In any case with its expansive shape implies there is no battle for room.

The boot capacity in the GTE is 100 litres smaller than your standard Golf, this is due to the petrol engine being positioned under a raised boot. There are various additional cubby holes with space to put your keys, two drinks in the centre console and you can easily fit two bottles of water in each of the door cards. The GTE is spacious and very roomy, even with a full car there is more than enough leg room.


  • Driving aids – breaking assist, cruise control, climate control, automatic lights and windscreen wipers, automatic emergency breaking.
  • Car-Net app connect
  • Active info display
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Driving information
  • Front and rear parking sensors


The Golf GTE even though it is electric, drives like any other golf, but the GTE gives you 4 different driving options; electric, hybrid, petrol (which charges the electric battery) and GTE. The drive is comfortable with only a small jolt now and then when you go over sharp bumps in the road otherwise the sturdy suspension absorbs all dips and lumps. The handling despite being slightly heavier than your average Golf, is as always exceptional and no doubt ably you can hit corners at speed with confidence that the car will stick. 

Overall Rating:

Mainly aimed at company car drivers, the Golf GTE is unique and rather eye catching, with the standard equipment being of good quality compared to competitors in its band. Qualifying for the benefit in kind tax, meaning it is cheap to run and cheap to insure due to being awarded five stars for safety but the Euro NCAP.

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