At Tyson Cooper we pride ourselves that you will be delighted with the whole ordering process and the delivery of your new vehicle.

The Tyson Cooper promise is not just to deliver you a new vehicle, we want to build a long term relationship with you, our customer. So we are happy to hear from you post delivery and should you experience any challenges with your vehicle or finance at any time, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We are delighted to be “WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH RICS”.

RICS Dedicated Members Line: 01473 873000

Once you are at the stage of confirming your order, the RICS specialist will send you the following:

Detailed Order Form

Initial Disclosure & Terms & Conditions.


Once we have received your confirmation to proceed, we will then place your order with one of our nominated dealer groups. We enjoy a very professional relationship with all of our suppliers, we also have complete assurance from our nominated dealers that they will achieve the Tyson Cooper service levels in all areas of the delivery process.

Dependant on the order delivery time our administration department will update you with a progress report every 2 to 3 weeks. This will become more frequent as your delivery date draws near and they will be able to assist with the final details, regarding insurance and final payment etc.

All vehicles will be delivered to your place of choice, however please note that most vehicles from our nominated dealers will be driven, however transportation can be arranged but this could incur an additional dealer cost. 

Once the RICS specialist has discussed in detail your requirements, they will then send you detailed quotations and discuss with you all of the different specifications, also the options regarding funding.