tesTony Evans, Managing Director at TES 2000

“Our bottom line is all important, as it is to the majority of businesses right now; we’ve been able to commit to an increased number of fixed contract vehicles from Tyson Cooper because of recently acquired new business, but the price was still a key factor in the decision to purchase. But business is about relationships as well, and it was important that we felt comfortable with and trusted whomever we contracted our vehicles from. Tyson Cooper ticked all the boxes so to speak, they took time to understand us and our business and we’re extremely happy with the service as well as the actual vehicles. Tyson Cooper provided us with exceptional service, we’d have no hesitation in recommending their products and services to others and we certainly plan to consult them with regard to future vehicle solutions that we anticipate will be required. Genuinely nice guys to do business with, they certainly did their best for us. It’s not an option that key personnel don’t turn up where they’re needed so the vehicle selection needed to consider this factor as well as all others. We’re entirely happy with the selection and quality of vehicles proposed and now provided and they were competitively priced allowing us to diversify our vehicle provision.”

Asset finance is a sustainable form of funding that can enable a business to purchase or refinance capital equipment such as commercial vehicles, print machinery or construction and plant, spreading the cost over an agreed period of time.

Demonstrating its power as a strategic tool for business growth, asset finance is now the fastest growing finance option on the market.

Traditionally businesses turned to their business banking manager for funding for investment; today however, that’s no longer the case, particularly as, at times, banks can offer fewer, less attractive options that simply aren’t achievable or realistic.

No matter what your trading history or circumstances, Tyson Cooper are well - positioned to offer financial assistance through a variety of solutions. Taking time to understand your business and interpret and understand the rationale for your financial requirement.

Tyson Cooper then use due diligence to search for the most competitive funder within the marketplace to provide the solution that suits your business need. As members of the National Association of Finance Brokers (NACFB) Tyson Cooper offer professional, experienced advice delivered in a manner that translates and is easy to understand and interpret.  They work within strict guidelines set by NACFB, that set out a strict code of practice ensuring best service and confidentiality at all times.

Tyson Cooper offer a range of financial solutions to suit most business needs including:

  • Hire purchase
  • Lease/sale and lease back
  • Refinance
  • Restructure consolidation
  • Invoice discounting

Professional finance By sourcing finance from an extensive panel of UK based lenders, Tyson Cooper is able to offer extremely competitive funding solutions for  businesses of any size and nature. Offering tailor made solutions for business Tyson Cooper is able to raise funds for a variety of requirements including:

  • Equipment purchase
  • Plant/factory machinery
  • Cash injection/liquidity
  • Restructure/consolidation
  • New projects/asset purchases
  • Reconditioning equipment

Invoice finance An alternative to raising direct funds through borrowing is available  through a number of specialist funders in the Suffolk region who are able  to offer re-finance through assets; lorries, plant and equipment, printing  machinery etc.

The first contact with our clients is normally over the telephone; however, an initial face to face meeting may be possible if required. Our objective in regard to the initial contact is the same as our clients: ‘Can We Help?

In a nut shell what we do is… do what we do best, so that you can do what you do best which is run your business and not spend too much time dealing with the frustrations of obtaining finance.


Fleet management can be time consuming and complicated, regardless of the size of your fleet.

Whether it's day to day issues of finding the correct contact number or location for a specific service, getting tyres fitted or repairs carried out. Sy locating the correct finance company for each particular vehicle on your fleet for things like mileage amendments or termination costs. Then there is the added work caused by the ever-tightening regulations regarding duty of care, eligibility of employees to drive on company business or vehicle condition reporting.

  • Fleet Consultancy - What is it?

    Fleet Management and Support is a comprehensive service which provides assistance to your business and your drivers, including mileage reporting and technical advice.

    At Tyson Cooper we understand the importance Fleet management and upon invitation we would undertake a “FREE FLEET REVIEW” analysing the following:

    • Fleet funding/ Taxation
    • Construction of Company Car Policy
    • Sharing of best practices
    • Regulation and legislation updates
    • Environmental policy
    • Risk management
    • Supply chain management
    • Vehicle choice/CO2 emissions/Tax bandings

    A comprehensive review of your fleet will help us understand your requirements and how you fund your vehicles, your manufacturer choice and how you maintain your vehicles.

    What are the benefits?

    • Reduced running costs of your fleet and reduced labour costs.
    • Fixed costs with increased liquidity within your business
    • Ensuring a best practice approach
    • Improved safety and compliance of your fleet
    • Improved Duty of Care
    • Introduced drivers bandings
    • Improved Environmental impact/message
    • Improved Benefit in kind for employees
    • Information is Power- with the incorporation of Fleet Management Software
    • Licence checks, mileage/condition checks
    • Disposal profit opportunities


    Tyson Cooper Fleet Management Software
    • Fleet Management Software operated on a “self-service” will provide the following benefits:
    • Manage drivers and vehicles in one place – easy navigation
    • Multiple layers of management
    • Vehicles / Driver allocated to cost centres / managers
    • Further dissection of cost by business function
    • Proactively manage in life vehicles – contract mileage /service and MOT etc
    • Proactively manage renewals
    • Driver inputs of key information from smart phone or tablet etc direct to FM system.
    • Automated alerts – either data or time triggered sending alerts to inform of required functions
    • Easy reports / data extracts
    • Fleet cost analysis – build cost profiles of vehicle types or drivers etc
    • Compliance – full historical record and easily retrievable data on drivers / vehicles / insurance etc
    • Risk Assessment modules
    • Integration and direct access to other functions – fuel card / telematics / driving licence checks

    An outsourced solution will provide the benefits of on-line fleet management software but removes the need for the business undertake many of the administrative tasks:

    Additional benefits of an outsourced fleet management solution:

    • Customer access to system / dashboard – full view
    • Service Level Agreement covering Administration Tasks and completion for timescales / responses
    • Account Management resource
    • Advice / Guidance etc
    • Completion of tasks / alerts – system update
    • Vehicles / Drivers added / removed
    • Driver liaison – support
    • Service reminders / service bookings
    • Vehicle inspection compliance – uploaded images
    • Report preparation – monthly if required
    • Automated driving licence checks – exception reports
    • Supply chain management
    • Vehicle renewals
    • Advice on vehicle choice / provision of demonstrator – evaluation vehicles
    • Competitive tendering for all renewals – multiple funder approach providing best price available
    • Whole-life cost analysis presented for renewals for approval
    • Strategic partner reviews  – funders / supplying dealers / manufacturer
    • Weekly status updates of ordered vehicles
    • Grey Fleet Support
    • Quarterly reviews
    • Best practice knowledge share
    • Targeting cost savings and improved environmental impact of fleet usage
    • End of contract – pre return vehicle inspections and condition report
    • Damage / condition outside return car standards notified
    • Quotations for rectification provided
    • Completion of works arranged and managed


The first contact with our clients is normally over the telephone; however, with a number of Business Development Managers spread throughout the UK an initial face to face meeting may be possible if required. Our objective in regard to the initial contact is the same as our clients: ‘Can We Help?

In a nut shell what we do is… do what we do best, so that you can do what you do best which is run your business and not spend too much time dealing with the frustrations of obtaining finance.