TysonCooper Client - Everris

19th February 2015

For the large majority of our staff that drive one, their company car is their office, they practically live in it to be honest, so it's only right that the driver be considered and consulted in the selection and choice with regard to that vehicle. We were introduced to TysonCooper at a time when we were seeking a solution to the issue of management of company cars; in the past a lot of time was spent discussing cehicles and to be fair its a pretty emotive subject that can take up a great deal of management time. Outsourcing the management of our fleet vehicles was the ideal solution. What's also important is that with his sales background, Simon from TysonCooper was the perfect fit for this role as he spoke their language and understood their desires having spent many hours on the road himself in the past! - Stephen Squires (Business Director)