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Which car manufacturers do we work with?

Looking for a company that offers a wide variety of vehicle brands to buy, finance or lease? We negotiate with our manufacturer partners, major funders and leasing companies, and dealer groups to secure the best discounts and offers for our business and personal vehicle customers.

TysonCooper can help you get more for your money, whether you’re looking for a prestige driver’s car or a practical family vehicle, an SUV for weekend adventures, a low-emission city runabout, or even a pick-up truck. But what’s more, as well as offering exclusive dealer-beating discounts – thanks to our fantastic member deals – we can help you to:

  • weigh up the various finance options
  • navigate the ordering and delivery process
  • trade in your old car (if desired)

By sourcing your new car, van or truck through one of TysonCooper’s membership vehicle discount schemes you will have access to market-leading deals, which represent superlative value for money. Our member discounts stack up very favourably against the sort of offers available from dealerships, because we not only have lower overheads, but can offer additional support negotiated with manufacturers on top of the usual dealer discount – we offer a ‘deal checker’ service, so even if you’ve received an appealing-looking price from a dealer, it’s well worth seeing what we can do for you.

The attractive savings available through the schemes do vary between brands, between models, and over time, so the amount you can save will largely depend on the vehicle you want. Call us on 01473 372020 or contact us to get the most up-to-date deals on the brands you’re interested in, today.

As we’re not a traditional dealership, we don’t only offer one or two brands, but a wide variety of vehicles of different makes. We enjoy longstanding relationships with the following manufacturers:

Available from TysonCooper - Alfa Romeo discounts

Brands available from TysonCooper - Audi discounts