Being one of the smallest pick-ups you can buy in the UK – without compromising much on load area – it’s hardly surprising that you will see a lot of Mitsubishi pick-ups around, since they suit Britain’s narrow country roads and snug parking spaces. They’re also pretty comfortable for what is technically a commercial vehicle, offering more refinement than you might expect from a truck.

The new Mitsubishi L200 Series 6 features more aggressive, angular styling than its predecessor, and a new lower-emission engine – a 2.3-litre turbodiesel producing 150hp, featuring an AdBlue tank that should last 12,000 miles between fills, and stop-start technology as standard.

Nimble to drive, the feel of this truck is reassuringly stable with minimal body roll around corners, and even without a load in the back it’s fairly well-behaved in terms of handling. It’s surprisingly quiet for a pick-up, too, even at 70mph the wind and road noise aren’t too pronounced, though if you have a heavy right foot then you’ll certainly hear the grunt of the diesel engine. A solid workhorse with just the right balance of practicality and refinement, we think this latest Mitsubishi pick-up will remain as popular as it has been for decades.

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