Last year the Government hinted that to cut air pollution in major cities they were looking to introduce a new scrappage scheme to remove older polluting cars from the roads. The details were naturally missing but the car buying public were naturally interested. After all, we are a nation that loves a bargain!

The suggested format was for older diesels to qualify and to focus efforts on large conurbations where air pollution was most affected. Potentially meaning that those living in the countryside wouldn’t qualify.

Roll forward to summer 2017 and the car buying public was still waiting. So, manufacturers themselves have taken to their own marketing departments to come up with Scrappage schemes of their own.

Depending on the manufacturer they come under different guises; Lower Emissions Allowances, New for Old, The Switch Scheme and simple Scrappage Schemes. However, they all have one thing in common – powered by manufacturers and effectively discount dressed up in a different way.

So, how do you qualify?

All the schemes vary, but you must have owned the car for at least 3 months (as per the V5) and so far, only cars registered before 31st December 2010 qualify. If you are still in after the first two qualifying rounds you have a couple more hurdles to overcome yet! Most of the schemes are for diesel only cars (remember those fuel-efficient cars we were encouraged to buy way back?) Finally, most schemes are not available in conjunction with any other retail campaign offers – mostly finance deposit contributions.

There are exceptions to the last rule – namely the BMW/MINI Low Emissions Allowance and the Nissan Switch scheme. Both are in addition to PCP Finance Deposit Contributions and in these cases, the allowances are much less than straight Scrappage deals.

So, what does it all mean?

If you have a qualifying car, especially an early qualifying car from around 2001 and you are buying the car outright then the Scrappage Schemes work where Deposit Contributions previously haven’t. If you need a finance package then it is worth the time comparing both options.

It is also worth considering whether your current car is worth the scrappage allowance the manufacturer is offering, particularly if your car is nearer the 2009-2010 age group and of premium or SUV guise.

The current schemes are driven by marketing and are like deposit contributions are discounts in disguise. The schemes remove the hassle of disposing of an old car and will certainly appeal to cash buyers who have avoided deposit contributions because they are usually tied to interest-bearing finance.

Most manufacturers state that they will scrap and recycle all old cars received under the scheme, but actually is the right thing to do? An 8-year-old car will generally emit less CO2 than a 16-year-old car. Wouldnt it be better to keep the newer cars in the car park and entice the even older and more polluting cars off the road?

Furthermore, some cars from 2009-2010 already fall into the sub 130g/km limit, quoted by some manufacturers as the qualification ceiling for low emission new cars. So where is the environmental saving?

  • Our Partnership Offers are not part of any Scrappage schemes. They are simple straightforward discounts* that can be applied to cash purchases and funded options.
  • We remove the hassle of disposing of your current car. There are no restrictions to age/fuel type or other qualifying criteria for your trade-in vehicle.  We simply provide you with a true value for your current vehicle and you are free to choose whether to take advantage of this route or dispose of by other means – all the way up to the point of delivery of your new car.
  • Our Partner Discounts are here to stay, not just a short-term marketing campaign. Take advantage of them now, next month or even in a years’ time. Just remember they are there and always speak to us to check what is available on your choice of vehicles.
  • Finally, most of our Partner discounts are better than either the scrappage schemes or deposit contributions and if they’re not we’ll tell you!
  • Whether Scrappage is an option or not, if you are changing your car, van or pick-up then always speak to us about your Membership discount – what have you got to lose?

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*Volvo Partner Offers include finance offers with the addition of free of charge metallic paint and extra manufacturer support on selected models.