Getting a new car is one of those things in life that sounds like it should be good fun but we all know the process can be a bit of a nightmare. This can be especially true if you’re sourcing for your business; this introduces a whole host of other factors you might need to consider and add to the list that’s already as long as your arm. The arrangement of any finance to cover the purchase on top of everything else might just be enough to push you over the edge!

If you’re a growing business, sourcing one or more fleet vehicles is going to be the last thing you have the time for. Buying a vehicle for your business can be stressful, daunting and a very time-consuming process.  Having to visit dealerships, comparing prices, making sure you get the best deal where you understand the small print and arranging finance. It can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be.

At TysonCooper we remove all the pain associated with vehicle purchasing, be it personal or company orientated. You tell us what your requirements are and we do all the hard work sourcing the right solution, that best suits your budget and your business.

Founded in 2008, with over 35 years of experience in the motor trade, we guarantee to take the pain out of the process of buying your next car. With lots of inside information on vehicles, deals and discounts, a depth of knowledge that means you can rely on us to provide vehicles that will work for you, alongside a finance deal that makes sense too.

Avoid the nightmare of trawling through companies, deals and different types of finance by yourself and come to us direct. Vehicle leasing is a minefield; with confusing deals, offers and more recently the changes in UK tax laws. You also need to think about the type of funding you need or might have access to, what’s available and achievable, as well as the risks you might inadvertently be taking because you’re overwhelmed with the red tape of leasing and no-one is there taking the time to outline the potential problems with certain deals.

We’ve got a huge range of rates and APRs that you just won’t get from main dealerships or by going direct. As well as a selection of different payment options; from monthly to annual agreements.

Are you looking for one or more vehicles? An entire fleet of vehicles? From enquiry to delivery. We go the extra mile, taking care of every single detail so you’re not left to discover parts of your agreement when it’s too late.  We work for you to ensure that you are not only getting a great deal but that you are being looked after throughout the entire process and the lifetime of your vehicle.

Interested? Don’t be shy, give us a call on01473 372020.