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Are you a fleet manager or company car driver? Or do you have a cash allowance, or have you opted out of your employer’s company car scheme?

Either way, we can help you to make the most of your company vehicle budget with our whole of market approach – whether you need a single car, pick-up, or light commercial, or a fleet of up to 150 vehicles. We can offer impressive terms and rates on new vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers, plus additional services to help make your life easier and give greater peace of mind.

Fleet manager?

As well as being able to source the right vehicles at the right price, our specialists are skilled in evaluating the efficiency of fleet policy, process and supply, and supporting the fleet manager’s decision-making.

Fleet management consultancy

Our consultative approach takes into account capital costs, ongoing expenditure, and a number of other factors – including risk mitigation, and supplier contract negotiation – so that fleet managers can be sure their fleet budget is working as hard as it possibly can.

Our consultants are also able to support the development of an alternative fuel strategy (including battery electric, plug-in hybrid, or stand-alone hybrid), to decide whether one of these innovative engine types might be a good choice for your business now – or whether petrol or diesel could still offer best value in today’s market, and the alternatives should be planned for the future.

Cut business vehicle costs

Thanks to our specially negotiated deals with manufacturers, our close relationships with dealers, and our heavyweight buying power, we’re able to offer large-fleet-level discounts to small fleets and even single vehicles. Depending on requirements, we may be able to access exclusive additional manufacturer support for fleet customers – please ask us about any additional value might be able to offer your business.

Options include buying outright, or a finance product such as Business Contract Hire, Finance Lease or Lease Purchase. There are pros and cons to each, of course – including balance sheet and tax implications – so we work with you closely to make sure that your business gets maximum benefit from this choice.

If you’re a fleet manager, find out more about how we can help you make your company vehicle budget work harder, call us on 01473 372020 (or use our contact form) and ask us about our complimentary fleet healthcheck service.

You can also see some of our great BusinessDrive deals here, though for the very latest special offers it pays to get in touch directly, and speak to one of our friendly team.

Cash allowance or opt-out?

If you have a company car cash allowance or have opted out of your employer’s scheme, you can get more for your money by sourcing your car, pick-up or van through TysonCooper.

TysonCooper BusinessDrive offers impressive discounts on new vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers, plus additional services to help you control your costs and simplify car ownership – making life easier and giving greater peace of mind.

Pay less, get more

Take advantage of the chance to buy your company car at the sort of discounts usually only available to large fleet purchasers – our impressive buying power has enabled us to negotiate great deals with manufacturers, funders, and dealers.

You can buy outright, or choose from finance products including Personal Contract Purchase, Personal Contract Hire, Hire Purchase or Personal Lease. There are pros and cons to each option, of course – so we work with you closely to make sure that you get maximum benefit from your choice.

Get more company car for your money with TysonCooper BusinessDrive – see some of our fantastic deals here, though for the latest offers it’s best to call our friendly team on 01473 372020 and discover how much money (and hassle) you could save.

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