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We’ve been partnered with XEXEC – the award-winning employee benefits provider – since 2016, delivering a vehicle discount scheme to their clients, who include Deutsche Bank, the AA, Bupa, JP Morgan, the Metropolitan Police and PwC. If you’re eligible for XEXEC discounts, then you can save £1,000s with our fantastic vehicle offers.

More car for your money

We help eligible employees to buy, finance or lease their next new vehicle for less, thanks to the discounts we are able to negotiate on their behalf. Effectively, the buying power of the group is leveraged, ensuring that members of the scheme (sourcing just a single vehicle) will be able to access the sort of discounts usually only available to large fleets.

Because we work with a wide range of manufacturers, we are able to offer great deals on all sorts of cars, whether they’re going to be used for personal or business purposes – including cash allowance and opt-out drivers. We can even offer XEXEC discounts to those buying vehicles for other members of the same household.

Wide choice of manufacturers

Importantly, the fact that we aren’t tied to one vehicle manufacturer or finance provider means that we are a lot more impartial than the traditional dealership, and can offer a much wider range of car options. This means we’re even better placed to meet practical requirements at the right price.

Our service also cuts out much of the hassle of sourcing a vehicle yourself. We not only do all the legwork in terms of researching the options that fit both needs and budget, but our end-to-end service ensures the whole process goes smoothly, and we offer a part-exchange and key-to-key handover option to ensure that switching vehicles is quick and easy.

If you’re eligible to benefit from XEXEC discounts, then call us on 01473 873001, or alternatively use our web form, to find out the very latest deals available to you. For the most efficient response to your enquiry, please include the following information:

  • Full name and address
  • Contact telephone number and email
  • Employer details
  • Brief outline of the type of vehicle you’re looking for, and whether you require any finance

We Treat Our Partners Differently

TysonCooper provide a dedicated service to professional institutions to save them time & money, removing the hassle from sourcing and operating company vehicles.

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