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IMechE can help members find the best offer on a new car

Are you a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and looking for a new car? You want to best deal and want to research financing options.

Well look no further, since your membership already give you access to outstanding deals and opportunities to make your money go further in your pursuit of that new car.

IMechE helps you buy a new car

IMechE has developed relationship which opens the door for experts to help you regardless of the specifics of what you’re looking for.

Whether it’s buying outright, if you are looking to finance a new vehicle, or if leasing is what you are researching. Do you need the car for personal or business use? Or do you even need a vehicle for a family member rather than yourself?

Take advantage of expertise when buying or leasing a new car

Time and knowledge of the market place the big enemy when it comes to making a good choice on new cars. You should seek the help of people who know the market which is constantly changing. The whole Brexit and post Pandemic discussion have brought about some big changes. 

Looking forward to the next three to six months, we have the combined impact of the post Pandemic and the energy crisis so you will need considered advice more than ever before

IMechE members should use the expertise available to them

The knowledge, buying power and leverage that comes with regular car, van and fleet purchases is available to you. You can get the car you were looking for at a good price!

Or more than the car you have been looking for.

Or far more.

Perhaps you have a great understanding of all current vehicle manufacturers, makes, models, options, pricing. Though maybe it would benefit you to take advantage of this expert guidance especially with the high levels of uncertainty around the post Pandemic and energy crisis.

Save yourself time and money. Let the experts do the heavy lifting for you. Focus on other less time-consuming things. Or more enjoyable things. Mitigating as much as possible the uncertainty and stress that accompanies such an important purchase can be mitigated.

With experts on your side, well briefed, versed, and willing to help.

At the end of the day, as a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, your membership has provided you the opportunity to make your money go further, save time, and reward you for your membership and contribution to your industry.

You deserve a great deal. And there are people here and ready to make that happen for you.

We Treat Our Partners Differently

TysonCooper provide a dedicated service to professional institutions to save them time & money, removing the hassle from sourcing and operating company vehicles.

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David Tibbetts

BASC member

"An excellent experience from start to finish!"

BASC member

John Harper

BASC member

"The whole process was very smooth and efficient. Very impressed."

BASC member

Martin Emms

BASC member

"Tyson Cooper were brilliant from start to finish and couldn’t have been more helpful, especially Chris Harbutt and Dominic Long. I would not hesitate to recommend Tyson Cooper. My wife is looking to buy a new car in Spring 2021 so hopefully Tyson Cooper can help her out as well."

BASC member


RICS member

"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your firm to any other RICS members. You saved me over £3,500 in interest charges over the term of my agreement for which I am extremely grateful."

RICS member
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