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As a member of NFU, where can you get a great deal on a new car

It’s good news for members of the NFU looking for a new car or van right now. You should be able to get a better deal than you realised.

NFU membership has a lot of benefits

As you may be aware, being a member of the National Farmers Union grants you rewards for your membership. One of those rewards historically has been partnerships to help when you want to acquire a new car of van. Aimed at rewarding people like yourself with great service and competitive deals on vehicles.

 No need to delay new car decisions any more

For many of us, we have been delayed in acquiring of a new vehicle during the Pandemic. Now that the Pandemic is long gone it is a good time to start looking again.

So, where do we start?

 As we mentioned at the beginning, if you are a member of the NFU, then you can get a great deal. Your membership entitles you to the benefits that only a broker can find you. Whether that be discount on a vehicle that you have been looking at, or better spec. Or even taking some of the admin and hassle out of your end of the car hunt. 

 Not only can they help you find your next vehicle, but they can simplify the process of trading in your old vehicle. Making it as easy and seamless is what you can expect when you deal with a professional who specialises in this area.

Look for the best car deals

 If you are looking for the best possible deal you can get, with low finance rates, then it’s worth getting in contact with the team at Tyson Cooper. Especially if you want to find your ideal Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Ford (Ranger), VW (Amarok), Nissan or Audi.

The car market has changed a lot

If it has been a while since you looked at acquiring a new car, then a lot has changed post Pandemic. For example interest rates have risen and there have been issues with the supply of some vehicles due to supply chain issues. This is even more reason to use an NFU approved partner to help you through this fast-changing world of acquiring a new car.

NFU member should use the partnerships set up to benefit them

The arrangement for a NFU member to get good deals on cars have already been set up , so don’t forget to use them

 So where are the best deals for a member of the NFU? 

If you would like to discuss any of these ideas with me, please make contact with the team at Tyson Cooper ( just click the link).


We Treat Our Partners Differently

TysonCooper provide a dedicated service to professional institutions to save them time & money, removing the hassle from sourcing and operating company vehicles.

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David Tibbetts

BASC member

"An excellent experience from start to finish!"

BASC member

John Harper

BASC member

"The whole process was very smooth and efficient. Very impressed."

BASC member

Martin Emms

BASC member

"Tyson Cooper were brilliant from start to finish and couldn’t have been more helpful, especially Chris Harbutt and Dominic Long. I would not hesitate to recommend Tyson Cooper. My wife is looking to buy a new car in Spring 2021 so hopefully Tyson Cooper can help her out as well."

BASC member


RICS member

"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your firm to any other RICS members. You saved me over £3,500 in interest charges over the term of my agreement for which I am extremely grateful."

RICS member
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