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BASC can benefit members looking for great offers on new cars

Good news for members of BASC looking for a new car that you might not be aware of. If you’re here, then we can assume that you are already a member of BASC. Being a member of certain organisations can be beneficial in ways you may not have considered before. Not exclusive to automotive related institutes, business, etc. A great example is BASC, or the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

Your support of protection and conservation of the British countryside can benefit you more than just wider protection through the association.

Members of BASC can get good deals on new cars

As a member, you may be entitled to discounts on vehicles on top of any discounts that can be found before applying your BASC membership. This is due to the relationship that the Association has formed with suppliers in particular when buying a new car.

Finding the right vehicle for your needs can be frustrating at the best of times. Conducting your own research, looking for the right deal against the right vehicle. Relationships established by BASC can really help you to alleviate much of the pain, while finding the best deal you can, and avoid a lot of the legwork.

Improve your buying power when looking for a new car

By shifting your search away from an individual effort into the capable hands of a business that wants to help, you improve your buying power by being represented by a collective. It’s this that enables you to benefit from discounts that can indeed grow into substantial amounts worth of added value over and above the best possible deals that you are likely to find as a private customer.

Members of BASC should seek expert advice when getting a new car

As a member of BASC,  a consultation with an expert to discuss your personal needs, requirements, your budget, your ideal timeframe and anything else that could impact or effect your purchase of a new vehicle is a good idea.

Not only will you have your research done for you, you may be brought options that you hadn’t considered, or had thought were out of reach against your private budget.

Form a relationship to get the best deal on a car

So instead of relying on car salesmen who will most likely sell the virtues of their own brand, you will find yourself developing a relationship with a dedicated team that are entirely unbiased and can advise on options across the entire market. Working with you – so you get  the right vehicle that suits you. All for the best possible price.

You save yourself money, you save yourself hassle and most important to most of us, you will save yourself a great deal of time.

All these benefits due to your membership of the British Association for Shooting and conservation. A cause that you feel strongly for, benefits you. By associating with the right people, you can let others shoot for the win, while you conserve your time, your money and your energy.

We Treat Our Partners Differently

TysonCooper provide a dedicated service to professional institutions to save them time & money, removing the hassle from sourcing and operating company vehicles.

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David Tibbetts

BASC member

"An excellent experience from start to finish!"

BASC member

John Harper

BASC member

"The whole process was very smooth and efficient. Very impressed."

BASC member

Martin Emms

BASC member

"Tyson Cooper were brilliant from start to finish and couldn’t have been more helpful, especially Chris Harbutt and Dominic Long. I would not hesitate to recommend Tyson Cooper. My wife is looking to buy a new car in Spring 2021 so hopefully Tyson Cooper can help her out as well."

BASC member


RICS member

"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your firm to any other RICS members. You saved me over £3,500 in interest charges over the term of my agreement for which I am extremely grateful."

RICS member
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